Solar Professional

Course Goal

To become a professional solar power project manager or EPC contractor


  • Included "Solar power developer (ST-101" syllabus Module-1 & 2 (40hrs.)
  • Additionally,
  • Projects Engineer (P/E) & Projects Manager(P/M) concepts and roles and responsibilities
  • Explanation and concept of project, Roles in a solar project, scope definition & details
  • Similarities, variations, and responsibilities of P/E, P/M defined
  • Responsibilities sharing and handling on project planning, engineering, cost estimation
  • Budgeting, resources allocation, scheduling, budget control
  • Schedule & resources management
  • Time management
  • Project schedule versus resource allocation and monitoring concept
  • Day-to-day activity and responsibilities
  • Group discussions, compliance with codes, regulations & standards
  • Investments & profitability analysis for decision making process
  • Assignments: Concept Project assignments, classroom exercises and performance evaluation
  • Final evaluation and certification

Visual communication (integrated with the course content)

Audio-visual communications: Video shows on solar power system design, installation of SPV & CSP systems, Testing & commissioning process, and solar tracking systems

Practical exercises

Provide practical Laboratory demonstration, explanation on balance of system assemblies and components, hands-on practical for system assembly and installation. Field visit for solar power system sites

Course Audience

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Course Duration

3 Weeks (60 Hours; 4 hours/day x 5 days/week OR 6 weekends (Sat & Sun) x 5 hours/day)

Course Schedule and Fee

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