Solar Panel Developer

Course Goal

To attain the knowledge and confidence needed to invest in and start a solar panel manufacturing process


  • History of solar Photovoltaic, concepts, and growth
  • Glossaries & Abbreviations in renewable solar energy sector
  • Definition of photovoltaic & its importance
  • Solar PV system components
  • Types of solar PV systems
  • Advantages and disadvantages analysis
  • Electrical, electronic fundamentals related to solar PV
  • Electrical circuit's theory & Ohms law,
  • Circuits in Parallel and series
  • Solar Modules in parallel and series
  • Solar cells theory, technology & functions
  • Solar cells and modules concept, purpose & technology
  • Selection of solar cells for panel manufacturing, and cells testing
  • Basic knowledge for solar panels design, and panel components explained
  • Methods of cell alignments and electrical connections by tabbing
  • Materials required for panel manufacturing
  • Tools & plants and consumables requirements for solar panel
  • Solar cells tabbing concept, practical difficulties, and precautions needed
  • Components selection, specifications and use requirement
  • Cells bottom strata –selection
  • Encapsulation parts and spec., EVA
  • Glass or no glass decision
  • Panel frames and materials
  • Methods of assembling, encapsulation & framing
  • Process explanation of Manual method/ Semi-Automatic, & Full Automatic - Industry practice
  • Junction Box
  • Testing, quality control for panel & components
  • Test requirements, certification necessity, where and by whom
  • Where to source, how to source and how to organize
  • Where are the markets for the product and the prospects

Visual communication (integrated with the course content)

Solar Panel designs, manufacturing process- manual, semi-automatic and full automatic plants video shows

Practical class Demos & Exercises

  • Precautions, safety procedures and protections to follow
  • Equipment Grounding explanation and provision of grounding lugs in panels
  • Solar Panel design & Manufacturing hands-on practice – manual

Course Audience

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Course Duration

2 Weeks (40 Hours; 4 hours/day x 5 days/week OR 4 weekends (Sat & Sun) x 5 hours/day.)

Course Schedule and Fee

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