Solar Business Manager/Tech. Sales Executive

Course Goal

This course offers technical training and practical information that will develop owner and employee skills and business practice tactics essential for operating a successful solar business entity and to become a successful sales and business executive/entrepreneur in solar industry


  • Overview of SPV systems features and components
  • PV fundamentals knowledge that distinguish successful sales professionals
  • Specific civil, electrical, mechanical and structural engineering application concepts
  • PV array sizing and power ratings
  • Technicalities of site analysis and system selection
  • Concept of power design, performance estimates & projections
  • Knowledge of specifications and applicable building codes and standards
  • PV power system future and benefits
  • Economic analysis, financial concepts and financial analysis, R.O.I.
  • PV system proposal development
  • PV system technical sales practices and negotiation techniques
  • Successful sourcing and marketing techniques
  • Sales & marketing strategies, potentials and incentives
  • Pricing policies and best price fixing
  • Government regulations, supports, subsidies, and policies that would affect the solar industry
  • Evaluating the needs of a potential PV system customer and building a working relationship
  • Prospects, business promotions and sustainability

Practical, Exercises & Visual communication (integrated with the course content)

Provide practical Laboratory demonstration, explanation on balance of system assemblies and components, hands-on practical for system installation. Field visit for solar power system sites. Audio-visual communication video shows on design, business activities, and promotional tactics

Course Audience

Technical and Non-technical graduates

Course Duration

1 Week (30 Hours; 5 hours/day x 6 days/week OR 2.5 weekends (Sat. & Sun.) x 6 hours/day)

Course Schedule and Fee

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